Has It Really Been Almost A Year?


  Hey all my lovelies! It has almost been an entire year that I have been MIA on Pink Dandy Chatter... I can't believe how time flies by. This past year has really been a whirlwind for my family and I. So, what have I been up to? Well, my family and I purchased a new home back in April. … [Read more...]

Review – Enjoying the Holidays With Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream


Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons and not only because the weather changes but because one of my favorite coffee drinks becomes available for a limited time. My husband, my daughter and I get extremely anxious to drive down to our nearest Starbucks every morning, just so that we can enjoy an … [Read more...]

ENDED…Review & Giveaway – Making Holiday Memories with the California Wine Club

California Wine Club

There has never been a better time to try some delicious wine while you unwind from all the hectic holiday shopping. That is exactly what I have been doing! Life is so crazy during the holiday season that by the time that night falls, I am exhausted. Grabbing some ice cold wine and snuggling up to … [Read more...]

My Mom’s Maytag Couldn’t Do That! #MaytagMoms


I can still remember my moms washer and dryer pair that we had as a kid, growing up. They were so loud and would bang and move across the floor if there were too many clothes in it. I also remember it leaking water a lot on the floor and it had one knob one the front with little selection of washing … [Read more...]

ENDED…Review & Giveaway – Flash & Go Hair Removal by Silk’n


I remember being about 12 years old and asking my mom if I could start shaving my legs. She told me that if I started then my hair would start coming in coarser and I would have to eventually start shaving all the time and that it wouldn't be as glamorous as I imagined it to be. Boy, was she right! … [Read more...]

Crockin’ in the U.S.A With Crock-Pot Seasoning Mixes


I make meals for my family everyday because it is important to me to provide them with nutritious and delicious home cooked meals. I am a huge fan of using the Crock-Pot for making my family meals especially because I am such a busy, busy mom. The Crock-Pot definitely makes my life so much easier … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Daughter For Her Period #KotexMom


  My mother was never very comfortable with talking to us kids about anything personal. And because she was uncomfortable with answering questions that we had, it made us not want to ask her because we were uncomfortable. I knew that as soon as I became a mother, that I would never put … [Read more...]

ENDED…Review & Giveaway – A Box Full of Low Calorie Food Goodies by KalorieBox


I always think it is so exciting whenever I receive a package in the mail, it's almost like Christmas came early. I also consider myself to be adventurous when it comes to food. I love trying new food and I also try to watch what I eat...making sure that it is nutritious. KalorieBox allows you to … [Read more...]

The Perfect Holiday Gifts For That Special Someone with California Wine Club

California Wine Club

My husband took me to a winery about 6 years ago and we had such a great experience. Before then, I had always thought I never liked the taste of wine. I was naive to the fact that there are so many different kinds of wine and that you may like one but not another. Since that experience, I have … [Read more...]

Interactive Fun For Kids with Webkinz World


I always had a great time using my imagination, when I was younger. My plush animals would come to life and I would create a story. I am so glad that my younger daughters have the same imagination because they love playing together and having fun with their "babies". Webkinz offers a variety of … [Read more...]

ENDED….Giveaway – 30 Days of Friends: Trivia Challenge


I love the TV show Friends and my oldest daughter watches all the re-runs on TV. Warner Bros is going to release Friends: The Complete Series on Blu-ray with a Box Set on November 13, 2012! Don't forget to check out the Mashup Clip Countdown to relive all of your favorite Friends moments with fun … [Read more...]

Share a Story and Share the Love with Cesar


  My family and I have had Coco, a Yorkie, for about 9 years now. I can't believe that he is really that old because he is so small and fragile. Coco really is the best dog that we have ever had ...he has such a great personality and always wants to snuggle. Coco makes me laugh because he … [Read more...]